Best 3d Pen 2019 Reviews – On Sale TOP 10 Buyers Guide Under 200$

The Best 3D Pen 2019 Reviews That You Should Have As technology develops, the pens nowadays could give not only 2D results but also 3D results. Called as the 3D pen, this product is available in many types. Among those types, there are several products of best 3D pens 2019 reviews that you should have. To know whether a 3D pen is the best for you, there are several aspects that you need to consider. One aspect is the users.
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Best 3d Pen 2019 Reviews – on Sale TOP 10 Buyers Guide Under 200$

3D pens for kids

Different users need different types of the 3D pen because different users have different purposes for using the pen. As for example kids, the best 3D pens for kids is the one which is safe and simple. As we know that sometimes kids can be reckless and careless, a 3D pen with too high temperature could harm kids when its’ hot part is touching kids’ skin. Filaments that are used as an ink in the 3D pen are colorful and tempting. Kids can eat intentionally or unintentionally their work. The problem is if the filaments are toxic, kids’ health is in danger.

To make kids become creative, the 3D pen should have various colors, so that kids can create more shapes and colors. Various color could improve kids’ creativity. Other than colors, 3D pen’s simplicity also needs to be considered. Kids mostly use the 3D pen to play or as a toy; complicated usage of the 3D pen will inhibit students’ creativity even could make them hate writing using the 3D pen.

3D pens for professionals

A little bit different with kids’ demand, the best professional 3D pens should result in more detailed and neat works. The professionals usually use the 3D pen for working purposes in which the results or works are expected to serve some functions. The pen is not used merely for enjoyment and pleasure. Professional artists usually use the pen to make a miniature or a design. Sometimes they even make arts using the pen.

As better results are expected, the 3D pen must have limited-blockage filament flow and quick drying filaments. Blockage on filament flow usually causes messy fibrous results. The pen should be responsive in producing the ink; this will relate to the accuracy and usability of the pen. The build of the pen and its handling construction highly affect users’ comfort in using the pen. The best 3D pens for the pros is the one which has a clear temperature degree since different types of filaments require a different melting point. Adjusting the heat will ease the users in writing and drawing.

For smoother results, professionals mostly use ABS filaments. In general, there two types of filaments. They are PLA and ABS. The most common filament used is the PLA. 3D pens for kids also use PLA filaments. The use PLA filament is mostly due to its availability and cheaper price compared to ABS filament. In contrast, the ABS filament is slightly more expensive and difficult to find. When the results of the two types are compared, the ABS filaments give smoother surface results without any harsh. ABS filament is also biodegradable that is good for our environment.

Criteria of best 3D pens

Based on the types of users, generally, it can be drawn several characteristics of best 3D printing pen. They are:

1. Nontoxic

2. Having various colors

3. Responsive

4. Clear temperature display

5. Comfy build

6. Low noise

7. Clear user manuals

8. Low filament blockage

9. Having long cable or wireless

10. Pigmented and concentrated results

11. Quick heat up time and fast drying ink

Another aspect to consider is the price. Best price brings the best products applies to anything including the 3D pen. Never forget to check your budget and the necessity of using the products. Choosing the relatable product with your finance is the best 3D pens to buy. Since the products are varied so their prices are. That gives you many options to choose from.

Also, consider the product’s warranty. Some products may have a weak build that will get cracked when you give too much pressure. A warranty will help your pocket since it will save your money from buying a new one. Some products are reported that they stop working after a few days of use. Warranty will secure you.

Those are some pints that you need to consider in choosing and buying a 3D pen. Understand your need to choose the best pen. As there are many various products of the pen, each product always tries to make an improvement. Some products of 3D printing pen even get updated. You can cross-check each product through 3D pen reviews in 2017. There are many references that will help you in considering the best 3D pens that suits you.

Where to buy 3D pens

Nowadays 3D pens are available in many shops even offline and online. One problem of real shops is that they tend to have less varied products. In contrast with online shops, the more varied products are offered. One online site that provides you with varied, guaranteed and safe products is Amazon. You just need to type 3D printing pen amazon in its search tab. There will many products completed with each review and detailed information.

There is thousand product of 3D printing pen in Amazon ranging from types and prices. The site also provides a hundred accessories for the pen such as basic patterns for beginners, design kits, or colorful filaments. If you are lucky you can get free shipping. Amazon also often offers some discounts on certain products.

Or you can go to each product site. However, sometimes the products sites only show the products’ strengths without giving information about products’ downside. Therefore do not forget to check it by googling the reviews from other bogs. Blog reviews usually provide you more honest information.

How to use and to maintain 3D pens

After choosing and buying a 3D pen, the best things to do are using it properly and maintaining it. First of all, check your pen whether it is cord or cordless. If it has a cord, plug the cord to the nearest electrical socket. If the pen is cordless, now check whether it requires any batteries or it needs to be charged. When your pen is full of energy, it is time to put a filament in your pen. Wait for the filament until it is melting. Then you can start writing by pushing the button while writing.

Those steps do not apply to all products. Some products may have different steps since the 3D pen is a technology that keeps evolving. Some products even do not make you wait for melting the filament. Reading the instruction manuals is a definite thing to do. In the manuals also usually maintaining product steps are provided.

The common thing to in maintaining a 3D pen is cleaning it. Moreover on the tip or the nozzle where dry ink mostly clotting. The lump of dry ink will inhibit the ink flow. Another it’s cleaning, you must be aware that your pen and filament are anti-water. Since your pen is an electrical device, giving water to it will damage its system.

Filament naturally belongs to a plastic type of polymers. Water could break down the polymer’s structure. It makes the polymers or plastic getting bigger. If you notice your filament or your work getting bigger and weaker or less solid it means it means it absorbs water from humidity or even real water.

When you try to heat up your pen filament, you hear small voices of cracking or nosy cracking at the heating part of your pen, it indicates that there is water in it. Water makes noise in plastic which is heated up. You have to keep your pen in dry places. The hack is by putting silica around your pen so that the humidity is controlled.

What you can do with a 3D Pen

3D pens could make you more creative and innovative. To start you can learn how to make the pattern based 2D picture. You can practice your accuracy through this activity. Then you can start making a 2d sketch freely without any patterns. If you get advanced, you can start to assemble 3D patterns from your 2D patterns. Start from easy figures such as cubes, pyramids, or cylinders.

As your imagination, you can make any dolls or miniature from things around you. If you are confused hen to start, there are many tutorial videos in making miniatures. You can follow them and experiment on your own. Another exciting thing to do is redecorating or fixing other plastic figures. As for examples Lego or plastic dolls, you can add more details on them based on your imagination.

Or you can even make useful things from 3d pens. The examples are cute bookmarks, handphone holders, cable holders, pencil cases, unique pins, keyboard pins, office organizers, and many others. If your works are aesthetic or practical, you can even commercialize them.

Those are short explanations about 3D pens. After reading this writing now you can consider your own choice of the best 3D pen 2019 that you should have. Go grab the pen and be creative.

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